1007536-6-20150126142113-pennsylvania-man-joseph-white-applies-for-state-police-job-gets-arrested-on-charges-of-sex-with-aNEWSER) – A Pennsylvania man is behind bars after allegedly telling state police he’d had sex with an underage girl. What’s unusual: He told them while applying for a job as a state trooper, the AP reports via the Patriot-News. Police say Joseph White, 29, made the admission during a polygraph pretest at the Meadville state police barracks on Jan. 15. He allegedly admitted to consensual sex and other sexual contact with the girl four years ago; she’s now 19. Police say the victim later corroborated the incidents, which occurred in a field in South Shenango Township, theMeadville Tribune reports. White was arrested Thursday on multiple charges of unlawful sexual contact with a minor and corruption of minors, and jailed on $25,000 bond. “Needless to say, he won’t be getting an interview,” quips the Patriot-News.