During a pre-employment interview the Interviewer only has the word of the prospective employee regarding the truthfulness of what the individual answer to questions asked. The Interviewer might be able to verify some of the information provided by the prospective employee, for example: previous work experience, qualifications and criminal record.  Based on the fact that any person applying for a vacant position wants to look good, the person will by default only uses references on their curriculum vitiates that they know will give them a good reference.  Therefore the prospective employee might try to omit certain issues in order to look good during the interview.

This emphasizes the importance and benefit of conducting a pre-employment polygraph-examination.

The pre-employment polygraph-examination is used to verify the background of the prospective employee regarding various topics including but not limited to drug-use, involvement in criminal activities, theft of money/property of merchandise from previous employers and any other issues requested by the client, with the exception of illegal questions. Please see our frequently asked questions FAQ.


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