Different issues in life and temptation can cause employees to change their behavior.  This change in behavior can cause the employee to start stealing from the employer; divulge confidential information regarding the workplace or the employer. Participating in industrial espionage or to partake in sabotaging the workplace environment of the employer.

Verifying current employees’ truthfulness with reference to their honesty in their working environment periodically. This testing-method is used as an aversion in the current workplace, and as a reliable tool in the determination of any stock-losses at an early stage

Periodic Polygraph-Examinations will decrease the possibility of such incidents, as the employees are aware of the fact that the Company can have them polygraphed at any time.

Periodic Polygraph-Examinations have proven to be a valuable source of information, where loyal and honest employees of a Company divulge knowledge and information regarding other employees’ whom are not as honest, activities.

The reasons above are self-explanatory in terms of the benefits for a company to have these tests conducted regularly.


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